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Deciding to see a therapist, and finding the right one, can seem daunting.  Our theory is that there’s a lid for every pot – every client has their own individual needs and every therapist has their own style and approaches to therapy. One size does not fit all.

We consider our style to be professional, personable and approachable.  Therapy can make you feel vulnerable and sometimes sad, and we don’t think that you need a therapist sitting across the room who can’t openly empathize with you and your experiences.  Sometimes we laugh and sometimes we cry but you are not alone in this, we always work as a team.

One of the basic tenets of social work is starting where the client is.  This means that you, the client, determine what you want to focus on and how fast or slow you want to proceed and together we determine the course of treatment.

In our private psychotherapy practice clients see us to work on a myriad of concerns (see the Services tab for a listing). Using psychodynamic theories and CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) to guide our work together, we assist our clients as they explore alternative ways of dealing with their personal issues, while gaining insight and a better understanding of not only themselves, but also other people in their lives.

While utilizing humor is part of our style, we take our work very seriously. We consider our work in the mental health profession to be a privilege and an honor.  We’ve had several other careers before  choosing social work and never have we felt such passion for our jobs.

So here’s the bottom line, you want a therapist who is good at what they do.  A professional with whom you will feel respected, comfortable and safe.  Hopefully this website will provide you the information that you are looking for as you search for a therapist, and that you feel more comfortable moving forward with the decision to contact me to schedule an appointment.

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