If a family member or friend has recently been diagnosed with a mental illness (bi-polar disorder, depression, addiction or eating disorder, just to name a few) family and friends frequently feel confused and helpless, unsure of how to assist their loved one in this difficult time.

This particular service provides a personalized approach, tailored directly to the client and their diagnosis, creating a wrap-around support system for the loved one and those of you who are involved in their lives.

This includes:

• Two private sessions with the client’s family & friends. If your loved one is hospitalized, I like to have the initial meeting before they are discharged.
• Education about your loved one’s mental illness; it's etiology, common treatments and medications frequently used to treat it.
• A handbook of resources for you as you navigate your way
• I will work collaboratively with the client’s current therapist and psychiatrist (if they have either one) to develop a care plan that keeps the client's needs, best interest and safety as the primary goal.

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